Since 2004 Widetech Ltd provides professional, local and international, distribution services of manufacturing solutions; including market research, profiling targeted direct and indirect channel; Reseller, VAR and OEM’s. Company provides market analysis, product potential survey in the targeted territory, determining go to market policy, pricing, partner’s terms & conditions, and ongoing channel management for manufacturing solutions. Company resellers’ network covers Europe,
North America and Asia


EuroMold 2013 News release

Share3D Cloud and Mobile

Widetech represent Datakit; MCAD Converter

Share3D go Cloud and Mobile

3DPro; new reseller in Poland

WIDETECH Master Reseller for 3D-Dcotor

Cooperation with Fabrisonic

WIDETECH Master Reseller for QuadriSpace

3D products for education

Antenna wave guide

3D documentation news

Karbonic; New reseller in Switzerland

Enterprise Group; New Reseller in Hungary

ESD a new reseller in Brazil

Widetech at MCADCafe news

Product of the month for 189 Euros

A1 technologies - new reseller in the UK

3D Master new Resller in Poland

3D-Doctor released new version

Multistation - new reseller in France

RAPS - new reseller in_Sweden

Recontech new reseller in Finland

Logicad - new reseller in Romania

ATG new reseller in Venezuela

Share3D PDF 2012 with up to 95% Smaller PDF Files

QuadriSpace partner with Autodesk

Products for Mfg Documentation

Javelin new reseller in Canada

3D Doctor December 2012 Promotion

Granta materials news

Materials management - Granta News

The art of Negotiation; Free training

PSV New Reseller in Russia

CATIA® joins list of materials-enabled CAD, CAE

July 24, 4pm (Israel), Materials Mng webinar

Dec 12, Web meeting; Materials; CAD & CAE users

Sep 11, QuadriSpace resellers training

Aug 24, 3D Doctor reseller training

Manufacturing Solutions

June 28 Webinar MultiPage Manuals

Product Communication and Documentation Software

3D-Dcotor partner with SolidWorks

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